1.5 sq.mm x 3 Core ABC Lighting Cable

Part No : PAR-HFS-1.5-3-ABC

Hi-flex Lighting Cable – 1.5 Sqmm (48/0.20mm) x 3 core cable ABC copper conductor PVC insulated , core twisted, outer jacketed with Highly Flexible Matt Finish PVC Sheath.

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  • 1.5 sq.mm x 3 core Cable is our Lighting range of Cables.

  • These Lighting Cables are very flexible & can be used repeatedly for connecting various lighting fixtures on the stage.

  • The matt finished PVC ensures minimum light reflections on the stage.


  • Each conductor is drawn & annealed before they are bunched tightly to give best performance.

  • Twisted cores help to maintain Circular shape.

  • Cable Ruggedness & toughness helps the cable to be pulled in long runs of conduits.


  • Installation of Par-cans & Studio Lighting in Auditoriums, Stage etc.


  • 100 Meters Coil


Part No


No of Conductors 4

Conductor – No/ Size of Wire

Conductor – Cross Sectional Area
1.5 Sqmm

Insulation Type

Insulation Dia.
2.90 mm

Core Colours
Red, Black, Yellow & Blue

Sheath Type
Hi-flex PVC

Overall OD
9.00 mm

100 mtr coils (Heat Shrink Transparent Film)

Weight per coil
12.900 Kg.

Master Packing
2 Coils in a Carton box

Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics

DC resistance @20 °C – Conductor 13.3 Ω / Km

Operating Voltage
1100 v

14 AMP

Insulation resistance
10000 M x m Min. at DC 125V, 20 °C

Operating Temperature
-20⁰ C to 70⁰ C

Flex Life
4000 cycles

Dielectric Constant


1.5 sq.mm x 3 Core ABC Lighting Cable –

Download full specifications sheet here

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