ULTRA-Analog-26 AWG Stage Microphone Cable


26 AWG (19/0.10mm) x 2 core ABC copper conductor, PE insulated, core twisted in a circular form, filled with high volume synthetic fibre, braid shielded (80%) with ABC copper, outer Jacketed with Matt finish High Flex Special PVC.

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  • Ultra Analog Microphone Cable is our economy range of Microphone Cable for Stage and Touring use.

  • A reduce Cross-Sectional Area of Annealed Bare Copper conductor (19 wires of 0.10mm – 0.15sq mm) and Braid Shielding with Bare Copper Wires (96 wires of 0.09mm) gives a comprehensive Shield achieving coverage of around 80%.

  • Cotton thread acts as a filler to give a round shape to the cable


  • Reasonably clear sound due to the use of fine stranding and ABC copper conductor.

  • Spiral Shield Gives complete shielding thereby eliminating any chances of cable noise.

  • High Limpness helps the cable lay flat on the stage


  • Stage Application
  • Home Recording


  • 90 Meters Coil


No. of Conductors 2
Conductor ( No. / size of wire) 19/0.10 mm
Cross-Sectional Area 0.15 sqmm (26 AWG)
Insulation Material LDPE
Insulation OD 1.00 mm
Insulation Colours Green / Brown
Shield Conductor ABC Copper – (0.09mm ) 96 wires
Shield Type Braid Shield – 16 x 6 x 0.09
Jacket Material High Flex Matt Finish PVC
Jacket OD 6.00 mm + – .10mm
Packaging 90 meter Coil
Gross Weight of Coil 4 Kgs
Master Packing 5 Coils in Carton
Master packing weight 21 Kgs

Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics

DC resistance @20 °C – Conductor 80 Ω / Km
DC Resistance @ 20 °C – Sheild 30 /Ω Km
Capacitance – Cond / cond 22 pF/Feet
Capacitance – Cond / Shield 55 pF/Feet
Inductance b/w conductors @1kHz 20⁰C 0.8 μH/m
Electrostatic Noise 100mV Max
Electromagnetic Noise 0.15mV Max
Microphonics @ 50KΩ Load 30 mV Max
Voltage Breakdown Must withstand DC 30V for 15 seconds
Operating Voltage 300 V
Operating Temperature -20⁰ C to +70⁰ C
Dielectric Constant 1k hz 2.3
Dissipation Factor 0.0002
Flex Life 12,500 cycles
Tensile Strength 659 N


ULTRA-Analog-26 AWG Stage Microphone Cable –

Download full specifications sheet here

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