CAT 6 STP B - Aluminium Foil + Drain Wire Shielded LAN Cable

Part No : CAT-6-STP-B

CAT cable Series – CAT 6 – 0.51 mm x 4 pair ABC solid copper conductor PE insulated, core twisted into a pair, Aluminum foil with drain wire, outer jacketed with PVC

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  • Cat 6 STP is our LAN Cables Range.

  • These Cables are specifically designed to deliver maximum performance for Video & Data applications.

  • The twisted pairs help Transmit true signals & help reduce transmission losses because of double shield of aluminum foil & ATC Braid Shield.


  • Use of Pure Copper for shield & enhances video quality & maintains the signal Strength.

  • LDPE insulation gives a lower dielectric constant.


  • Connecting CCTV Cameras & other Video applications


  • 100 Meters Coil
  • 305 Meters Coil


Part No CAT-6-STP-B
Size of Stand 0.51 mm
Conductor Type ABC Copper
CSA of One Core 0.20 sqmm
Class of Conductor Class 1
Insulation Polyolefin
Core OD 1.10 mm
Pairing 2 Core Twisted to Pair
No. of Pairs 4 Pair Twisted
Shield 1 ATC Drain Wire
Shield 2 Aluminum Foil
Overall Sheath PVC

Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics

DC resistance @20 °C – Conductor 83 Ω / Km
Capacitance Pair to Pair < 5.6 nF /100 m
Capacitance Unbalanced 300 pF / 100 m
Delay Skew < 45 nS



CAT 6 STP B – Aluminium Foil + Drain Wire Shielded LAN Cable –

Download full specifications sheet here

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