BETA-Digital-22 AWG Stage Microphone Cable


22 AWG (35/0.10mm) x 2 core ATC copper conductor, PE insulated, core twisted in a circular form, covered with special moisture-proof polymer, spiral shielded (97%) with ATC copper, outer Jacketed with Matt finish High Flex Special PVC.

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  • Beta Digital Microphone Cable is our top of the line Microphone Cable for Stage and Touring use.
  • A higher Cross-Sectional Area of Tinned copper conductor (35 wires of 0.10mm) and very dense Spiral (Helical) Shielding with Tinned Wires (125 wires of 0.10mm) gives a complete Shield achieving coverage of more than 97%.
  • Moisture Proof Polymer bounds the 2 conductors giving a superlative performance of the cable even in extreme usage.
  • Thicker OD of 6.20mm Gives the desired strength and High Limpness and flexibility.


  • Higher sound clarity due to the use of fine stranding and tinned copper conductor.
  • Tinned Copper makes soldering process easy and connection long-lasting.
  • Spiral Shield Gives complete shielding thereby eliminating any chances of cable noise.
  • High Limpness helps the cable lay flat on the stage.


  • Stage Application
  • Home Recording


  • 100 Meters Cardboard Reel
  • 500 Meters Wooden Reel

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