2.5 Sq.mm x 2 Core Armoured Speaker Cable

Part No : SPK-ARM-2.5-2-ATC

Armoured Speaker Cable – 2.5 Sqmm (80/0.20mm) x 2 core cable ATC copper conductor PVC insulated, core twisted, PVC inner Sheath, G.I. wire (0.90 mm) Armoured outer jacketed with PVC Sheath.

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  • 2.5 sqmm x 2 core Armoured Cable is our Installation range of Speaker Cables.

  • These Armoured Installation Speaker Cables are specifically designed to give maximum mechanical Strength to the cable by covering the conductor with G. I. wire.

  • They offer true audiophile performance for accurate sound transmission with crystal clear response, yet posses a rugged design to cater to most demanding applications.


  • Each conductor is dipped in a tinned bath to make the ATC conductors and is bunched tightly to give best performance.

  • Twisted cores help in rejecting crosstalk.

  • Cable Ruggedness & toughness helps the cable to be Laid directly in the ground or wall.


  • Installation of Microphone signals in Auditoriums, Schools, Shopping Malls etc.


  • 100 Meters Coil
  • 300 Meters Coil


Part No SPK-ARM-2.5-2-ATC
No of Conductors 2
Conductor – No/ Size of Wire 80/0.20mm
Conductor – Cross Sectional Area 2.5 Sqmm
Insulation Type PVC
Insulation Dia. 3.60 mm
Core Colours Blue and White
Inner Sheath Type PVC
G. I. Wire 0.90 mm
Overall OD 13.5 mm ± 0.20 mm
Packaging Wooden Drum
Weight per 1000 mtr 400 Kg

Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics

DC resistance @20 °C – Conductor 8.20 Ω / Km
Current Carrying Capacity 19 Amps
Operating Voltage 600 v
Inductance – (1kHz at 20 °C) 0.7 μH/m
Capacitance – (1kHz at 20 °C) 97pF/m
Insulation resistance 10000 M x m Min. at DC 125V, 20 °C
Operating Temperature -20⁰ C to 70⁰ C
Dielectric Strength 2 (KV/1 Min.) DC
Dielectric Constant 4
Volume Resistivity 1 x 10 Ω / cm at 27⁰ C


2.5 Sq.mm x 2 Core Armoured Speaker Cable –

Download full specifications sheet here

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